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Коллекция 2

Funny counting!

- How do you count cows?

- With a cowculator!

Cat and the saucer1

In front of a delicatessen2, an art collector3 noticed a dirty little kitten lapping4 up milk from a saucer. The saucer, he realized with a start5, was a rare and precious piece of pottery6.

He walked into the store and offered two dollars for the cat. “It’s not for sale,” said the proprietor7.

“Look,” said the collector, “that cat is dirty and ugly, but I’m eccentric. I like cats that way. I’ll raise my offer to ten dollars.”

“It’s a deal8,” said the proprietor and pocketed the ten on the spot.

“For that sum I’m sure you won’t mind throwing in the saucer,” said the collector. “The kitten seems so happy drinking from it.”

“Nothing doing9,” said the proprietor firmly. “That’s my lucky saucer. From that saucer, so far this week I’ve sold 34 cats.”

1 saucer – блюдце

2 delicatessen – деликатес

3 art collector – коллекционер

4 to lap – лакать

5 to realize with a start – сразу понять

6 a rare and precious piece of pottery – редкое и ценное керамическое изделие

7 proprietor – владелец

8 It’s a deal. – Согласен.

9 Nothing doing. – Не выйдет.

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