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Коллекция 46

Sam doesn't want to go to school

Sam: I am not going to school any more!

Mother: Why, dear?

Sam: On Monday the teacher said 4 and 4 is 8. On Tuesday she said 6 and 2 is 8. Today she said 7 and 1 is 8. I am not going back to school until1 the teacher makes up her mind2!

Dealing with a juggler3

A juggler, driving to his next performance, was stopped by the police. "What are those knives doing in your car?" asked the officer.

"I juggle them in my act."

"Oh yeah?" says the cop. "Let's see how you do it."

So the juggler starts tossing and juggling the knives4.

A guy driving by sees this and says, "Wow, I am glad I quit drinking. Look at the test they're making you do5 now!"

1 until - до тех пор, пока

2 makes up her mind - решится

3 juggler - жонглер

4 to toss and to juggle the knives - подбрасывать ножи и жонглировать ими

5 they are making you do - они заставляют тебя делать

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