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Коллекция 13

Late for school

Teacher: Why are you so late, Jack?

Jack: It was very late when I left home.

Teacher: So why did not you leave home earlier1?

Jack: It was already too late to leave early, mam.


Paddy and Murphy jokes


- Paddy and Murphy are walking through a forest, and they see a sign saying, "THREE FELLAS WANTED2."

- Paddy looks at Murphy and says, "What a shame there's only two of us."


- Paddy and Murphy were walking past the local police station when they saw a sign saying, "SCOTTISH RAPIST3 WANTED."

- Paddy turns to Murphy and says, "Don't the Scots get all the good jobs?"


Paddy and Murphy were walking through a field and Paddy said, "Can you see that forest over there?" Murphy replied, "No, those trees are in the way4."

1 earlier - раньше 

2 wanted - разыскиваются

3 rapist - насильник

4 those trees are in the way - эти деревья мешают

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