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Письмо другу про оздоровительный лагерь в моем городе / A letter to my friend about a health camp in my city

Apt. 32
42, Novo-Astrachanskoe Av.,
Saratov 410058
21 March 2010

Dear .... ,

Thank you for your letter! Sorry that I haven’t written to you but I have been busy.

Well, I am very glad to hear from you.

You ask me / I'd like to tell you about a health camp which is in my city. It is called …. (“Seagull”, например) It is located on the bank of the river (in the forest / far from polluted roads and city noise in the park area).

This health camp is very popular with our city dwellers. There is a wonderful park on the territory of the camp with original wooden sculptures - the heroes of Russian fairy tales. There is also a volleyball court, a tennis court and a basketball playground. Accommodation includes comfortable rooms (a TV, a refrigerator, conveniences). Children love this place because there are a lot of different kinds of entertainment - concerts, theatrical performances, musical programs and discos. And adults like it because they can improve their health there. The doctors who work there are very experienced. People can take up a health training course which includes different manipulations in well-equipped physiotherapy rooms.

That’s probably it. I really hope that you will find this information interesting and useful. I love this camp and recommend visiting it.

Best wishes, Tamara.

Перевод некоторых слов:

a health camp – оздоровительный лагерь, polluted roads – загрязненные дороги, city noise – городской шум, city dwellers – городские жители, wooden sculptures – деревянные статуи, heroes of fairy tales – герои сказок, accommodation – жилье, conveniences – удобства, entertainment – развлечение, experienced – опытный, to improve health – улучшать здоровье, to take up a health training course – проходить курс улучшения здоровья, a well-equipped physiotherapy room – хорошо оснащенный кабинет физиопроцедур, a manipulation – процедура.

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