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Письмо другу про жизнь в городе и деревне / A letter to my friend about country life and city life

21 March 2010

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your letter! Sorry that I haven’t written to you but I have been busy.

Wow! That’s cool that your parents decided to move to the city. But it’s a pity, of course, that they are selling your house in the village… If I were you I would be shocked too!

So, but life in a big city has its own good and bad moments, I should say. There are a lot of traffic jams, noise and the air is very polluted. But I’m sure your parents are thinking about your future because you’ll get a good education there.

I am for living in a big city and, to tell you the truth, you will be able to make good friends quickly because there a lot of people in the city.

And as for your poetry competition, was it difficult? How many participants were there? And what was your poem about?

Sorry, but I have to go now, I am very busy today (I have a lot to do today) …

Best wishes,


Перевод некоторых слов:

to move - переезжать, to sell - продавать, to be shocked - быть шокированным, traffic jams – пробки на дорогах, noise - шум, the air - воздух, polluted - загрязненный, to make friends with - подружиться с, to tell you the truth – сказать по правде, education - образование.

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