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Деньги / Money

Дискуссионное эссе "за и против" по английскому языку на тему "Деньги", "Деньги – источник удовлетворения или проблем".

There are two points of view on money matters. Some people suppose that money makes people satisfied but others find money the evil.

On the one hand, money is really of a help to people. To start with, there are a lot of things that we can buy for money, for example different conveniences. They help us to make our life more comfortable. Secondly, what is really important is that only money can give us the feeling of independence. We create our future and if we want to live without problems we should have money. Finally, one of the best things that money can give us is power. When you have money you are in control.

On the other hand, money is only a symbol of wealth. To begin with, money is only paper, but it has been given too much importance and it has become people’s new God. In addition, money can spoil people. For instance, it’s not rare when rich people start using their money for evil purposes overusing their power and thinking that everything can be bought and everybody can be controlled. What is more, possessing big sums of money can cause lots of problems. For example, people around get envious, start doing something to get the piece of what you have and your life becomes more dangerous.

To sum up, money is really important for modern world nowadays and plays a great role, but thinking of it and earning it people should save their human face not giving money too much power.

Перевод некоторых слов:

to make satisfied - удовлетворить; on the one hand – с одной стороны; to start with – начнем с того; conveniences - удобства; comfortable - удобный; secondly – во вторых; Independence - независимость; power - сила; on the other hand - с другой стороны; to begin with – начнем с того; symbol - символ; importance - важность; in addition – в добавок; to spoil - портить; for instance - например; evil purposes - недобрые намерения; what is more - более того; to cause - вызывать, причинять; piece - кусок; human face - человеческое лицо.

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