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Проблемы молодежи / Youth problems

All people have problems. Some people have a lot of problems, others have one or two. And no matter how old you are, you will still face difficulties in your life. We can solve some problems but some problems are very hard to solve.

There are a lot of teenagers in our country. A teenager is a person from thirteen to nineteen years of age. And young people here face as many difficulties as grown-up people do.

There are problems, which are common for all young people. These are spending your free time, choosing a good friend, how to deal with your parents and the classmates, finding your place in this world, first love and relations with beloved, choosing where to study after finishing school, alcohol and drugs.

I’m fourteen so I belong to the group of Russian teenagers. One of the most important problems is “a generation gap” - the problem of fathers and sons. Teens usually want to be independent and show this to our parents. And this is kind of depressing when our parents try to control everything we do. Our parents usually don’t understand the clothes that we wear and the music that we listen to. We have different tastes. For example, when I go to the shop with my mom she likes these jeans but I like those ones. She pays and this is often difficult to convince her that this is really what I need. My parents want me to become a doctor as they are skilled teachers but I have a taste for economics, and my dream is to be an accountant. But they say they know better. They often treat us like small children. And this is rather difficult to start listening to each other and understanding each other. Some teens even begin drinking alcohol or smoking just to show that they are grown-ups. That is really stupid, I must say. I don’t like smoking. You must have to be a grown-up inside and a cigarette or a bottle of beer won’t help here. This won’t help you look cool. These bad habits cause health problems in future (for girls especially).

It is a problem to get a good education as well. It is expensive to get a good education nowadays. I think it is difficult to learn a subject well, for example, without additional classes. And you can’t enter a university without good knowledge.

As for the problem of friendship, I always remember a good proverb, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." I like this one because it shows what a true friend must be. I like honest people. And, of course, I want to have a friend who will always listen to me and understand me. I want him or her to support me in difficult situations. If a teen has bad relations with others he tries to find a group to follow for example – goths, emos and others. They try piercing and tattoos.

One of the most serious problems nowadays is taking drugs and AIDS (the disease when the immune system of your body stops working).

The problem of free time is also very important. Where to go, what to do in free time. Every teen must find a hobby or just go in for sports. Not just wander in the street without an aim. We must not forget that it’s good to go to museums, theatres, cinemas and parks even if it is not popular.

There is also a problem of having extra (pocket) money to go out with friends, to make presents to your friends, to buy clothes that you really like. So youth has to earn money - wash cars, sell or deliver newspapers, help old people or work as waiters or waitresses

We have some problems but we are sure that we solve them properly. We make mistakes but only those who do nothing make no mistakes. I think that the young people in other countries have such problems too. The best way to solve them is to be yourself and be responsible for your life.

Перевод некоторых слов:

no matter – не имеет значения, to face difficulties – сталкиваться со сложностями, to solve problems – решать проблемы, a grown-up – взрослый , relations – отношения, to spend free time – проводить свободное время, “a generation gap” – проблема отцов и детей, Independent – независимый, tastes – вкусы, to convince – убеждать, to treat – обращаться, to cause – вызывать, bad habits – плохие привычки, to look cool – выглядеть здорово, nowadays – в наши дни, additional classes – дополнительные занятия, knowledge – знания, a good proverb – хорошая поговорка, a true friend – настоящий друг, honest – честный, to support – поддерживать, a teen – тинейджэр, goths – готы (субкультура), emos – эмо (субкультура), piercing – пирсинг, tattoos – татуировки, drugs – наркотики, AIDS – СПИД, Disease – болезнь, the immune system – иммунная система, to wander – слоняться, responsible – ответственный.

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