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Традиции и обычаи регионов Америки / Traditions and customs of American regions

You know that the States are divided into several regions. American people of each region usually have common values and cultural peculiarities. And they usually connect it the history and traditions of their region.

The Northeast has traditionally been a highly economically developed region. Compared to the others, the Northeast is more urban, more industrial and more culturally developed.

The history of the South is very important and it made this region’s character. The South was first settled by English Protestants who came for good farmland. They built small family farms to grow tobacco and cotton. It is exactly the place where slavery started from. Slavery was very economically profitable for the South. But after the Civil War, Southerners had to accept many changes and, of course, to abolish slavery. Their own peculiar way of development shows why the South is different from the rest of the country. Now they are still more conservative and religious. It is easy to recognize Southerners by their dialect. Their speech is much slower and more musical. This region is also known for its music. In the time of slavery black Americans created a new kind of folk music, the negro spiritual. Later forms of this music are blues and jazz.

The West is hard to summarize because of its regional differences. California has the richest farmlands while there are also very dry lands. Westerners think that they are independent, self-sufficient and close to the land.

The Midwest has long been seen as typically American. The Midwest is known as a region of small towns and farmlands. Class differences are not so much important here.

Many people are moving to the Sunbelt. There are many reasons for this. Many older people want less harsh environment after retirement. Others seek for quiet place instead of overcrowding, urban crime, high taxes and expensive housing.

But there are less and less differences between all these regions. They are becoming more alike. There is mainstream American culture that gives national identity.

Перевод некоторых слов:

to be divided into – быть разделенным на…, common values – общие ценности, cultural peculiarities – культурные особенности, urban – городской, industrial – промышленный, English Protestants – Протестанты из Англии, slavery – рабство, to abolish slavery – отменять рабство, economically profitable – экономически выгодный, conservative – консервативный, religious – религиозный, dialect – диалект, negro spiritual – религиозные песни темнокожих рабов в Америке, independent – независимый, self-sufficient – самодостаточный, typically American – типично американский, the Sunbelt – солнечный пояс (штаты, расположенные на крайнем юге, юго-западе и западе США), harsh environment – суровая окружающая среда, retirement – уход на пенсию, mainstream American culture – мейнстрим, главное направление в Американской культуре

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