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Идеальный урок английского языка / An ideal English lesson

What, in my opinion, makes a lesson of the English language an ideal lesson?

I think any lesson is good if you want to learn. If I don’t want to learn nothing can interest me, I am sure. Learning a language is a step-by step process. There are four main skills that we should train. These are listening, speaking, reading and writing. I also think that we should memorize new words at the lesson and after it.

Culture studies is a very interesting thing. We can learn a lot about different English-speaking countries. And it is interesting because our teacher shows us different pictures and we watch videos about America, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

As for learning grammar rules and writing grammar exercises, I think, these are not the most important parts of the classroom work. If you can’t say anything in English there is no point in knowing all the present and past tenses. But still grammar rules help us a lot when we need to speak. And for me it works well if I work out grammar rules for myself.

I like when my teacher corrects my mistakes, I try not to repeat them again. But when the teacher corrects while I am speaking that’s bad because this interrupts and I forget what I wanted to say.

I like pair work very much! Practicing speaking is more important, I suppose. This helps a lot when we want to be able to speak in different situations. I like when we can without the teacher hearing us.

I hate dictionary work and translation… This is too boring, but I understand that we need it, so we must do it.

I like atmosphere at our lesson and that we smile and laugh a lot. I love such activities as singing songs, playing games, watching movies, acting out English plays. This reminds us that it is not all hard work, it can be fun as well. Group projects are great. They are very interesting. We also listen to news in English and different audio recordings.

As for the teacher, our teacher is great! We love her. She is strict sometimes but this is good for our discipline. And I also like that we exchange ideas. If she is not sure in her answer she tells us that she will go and check and tell us tomorrow. That’s also great.

Перевод некоторых слов:

an ideal lesson – идеальный урок, a step-by step process – пошаговый процесс, a skill – навык, listening – прослушивание, аудирование, speaking – говорение, устная речь, reading – чтение, writing – письмо, Culture studies – страноведение, English-speaking countries – англо-говорящие страны, there is no point in smth – нет смысла в …, work out grammar rules for myself – вырабатывать свои собственный правила грамматики, to correct mistakes – исправлять ошибки, to interrupt – прерывать, pair work – работа в паре, dictionary work – работа со словарем, translation – перевод, a group project – групповой проект.

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