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Школа в моей жизни / School in My Life

School really plays an important role in our life. You may like it or you may not but we spend so much time at school that it becomes our second home. And no doubt this is true. What is the role of school in modern age? First of all it is making students literate. All students study for eleven years to get knowledge. And the most important role of school is giving knowledge. There are students who like studying because they are doing well in most subjects and they are going to continue their education after school, get higher education. But for those who are not successful in schooling and who are always pressed by their parents and teachers school becomes boring and not interesting.

The education given at our school is of a very high standard. I'm a good student actually and I don't have many problems with schooling. I generally get on quite well with the teachers. I am quite successful in class and I usually go to school with pleasure, because I like my school and my teachers.

I think school gives me not only knowledge. Children are taught real life there. School helps us understand our life better. School is a place where we create and develop our relationships, are taught to be tolerant and respect one another. And school teaches us principles and how not to lose face in difficult situations.

At school we can enjoy different cultural activities and show our talents. Everyone can take part in a school performance or a class party or take part in a sport competition. All this helps to create good atmosphere and relations among classmates. We want to be friends with everyone.

However, I think that sometimes we have too much homework. Teachers and parents think that doing homework helps us to develop the student's ability to work without assistance, or that additional work could help us complete our education successfully. But I believe, in many subjects, homework is totally unnecessary, because it doesn't do me any good. I think it's really stupid to copy from a textbook. Less homework would give more time to take up hobbies and interests.

We are human beings who want to be heard and understood and only then taught. And only sensitive teachers can do this well. So a teacher is a key figure in our education. Teachers come to your mind first when you think about school years. A good teacher must be intelligent and fair. I think that I'm lucky. All of my teachers are very intelligent and interesting. Most of my teachers have a lot of teaching experience. They help us to learn all subjects well. They share their knowledge and experience with us, and we respond with love. If we do something wrong our teachers do not criticize us they always try to tell what was wrong in this or that action, they express their opinion helping to solve the problem. I am not going to speak about all our teachers, they have different methods of teaching. But I think any teacher should remember that they are responsible for student's character and behavior too. They have become like parents to us. They support us and care for us. I'm happy at my school and so are my classmates. And will remember with pleasure everything what I have had at school.

Перевод некоторых слов:

to spend – тратить, проводить, the role of school – роль школы, literate – грамотный, knowledge – знания, a subject – предмет (школьный), education – образование, higher education – высшее образование, schooling – обучение, successful – успешный, high standard – высокий стандарт, get on well – ладить (с кем-то), with pleasure – с удовольствием, to create – создавать, to develop relations – развивать отношения, tolerant – терпимый, to respect of one another – уважать друг другу, to lose face – терять лицо, cultural activities, a school performance – культурные мероприятия, a class party – классное мероприятие, relations among classmate – отношения между одноклассниками, homework – домашняя работа, the ability to work without assistance – способность работать без помощи, it doesn't do me any good – это не приносит мне пользы, to take up hobbies – заниматься хобби, a human being – человек, sensitive – чувствительный, a key figure in our education – ключевая фигура в образовании, fair – справедливый, teaching experience – преподавательский опыт, to express opinion – выражать мнение, to solve the problem – решать проблему, behavior – поведение

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