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Мое домашнее животное / My pet

To have a pet at home is a very good thing. And it is not important what pet you have. You may have a dog, a cat, a hamster, a parrot or a fish. The most popular pets are cats and dogs.

A cat is good for a small flat, and if you live in a big flat or a house you can keep a dog. It’s much simpler to have a cat because you don’t have to walk a cat every day.

Dogs are best friends of people. These animals are very clever and understand you very well. But you must remember that keeping a dog in a flat is not that easy. You need to walk it two or three times a day. So, you have to get up earlier in the morning and it also takes time to feed the dog. Dogs are hairy animals and they have a specific smell. Nevertheless, dogs are wonderful animals. I love dogs.

People usually keep hamsters, rats, mice and rabbits. These animals are rather easy to look after. These animals are funny, but all they do is eating.

Some people love birds like parrots, for example. They live in a cage. I love big birds and parrots but there is no space for them in our flat.

I do not understand fish as a pet. I just don’t see the point in it. You cannot touch it. Besides keeping fish is rather difficult and expensive. One should be a real fish lover to have such pets.

As for me, I have a cat. Its name is Vasya. It’s 3 years old. I brought him from the street. Our flat is rather small so a cat is the best variant for us. It is a small animal so it can lie on my laps and sleep in my bed or on the sofa. It is so fluffy, tender and warm! I love when Vasya is purring with pleasure. It’s the best animal for me. I like playing with Vasya. He is very cheerful and very funny. My cat is always very active during the second part of the day, closer to the evening time. He runs around, jumps, hangs on curtains, spoils wallpaper. My mom doesn’t like this, but what can we do – it’s an animal! He likes to eat fish and drink milk every day.

I am thinking of having a snail. I saw a girl on TV who has snails. It’s a very original pet and quite easy in keeping.

So, you can choose any pet. But you just must love it!

Перевод некоторых слов:

a pet - домашнее животное, a hamster - хомяк, to keep - держать, to walk - выгуливать, hairy - волосатый, a specific smell - своеобразный запах, a rat - крыса, a cage - клетка, to look after - приглядывать, to touch - трогать, expensive - дорогой, a lap - колено (верхняя часть ног и сидящего человека), fluffy - пушистый, tender - нежный, to purr - мурлыкать, cheerful - жизнерадостный, to hang on curtains - висеть на занавесках, to spoil wallpaper - портить обои, a snail - улитка

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