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Мой лучший друг / My best friend (boy)

Every person needs a friend. Friends are very important in our life. I think you cannot live without friends. A friend is a person who is always by your side. Your close friend or best friend is a person whom you can trust with everything no matter what happens. Your true friend is always ready to help you, to support you if you do something wrong and to solve problems together with you. They say that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. I think it is really so. A friend is someone who will always be glad to hear your voice in a telephone receiver. A friend respects your decisions and is sympathetic to you.

I am sociable and I have a good deal of aсquaintances. But there are only a few true friends my life. And Igor is one of them. I love my close friends and, hope, they love me too.

Now what can I say about my best friend Igor? Igor is my neighbour. He lives next door. The number of my apartment is 56 and his is 57. Igor moved in our block of apartments with his family 6 years ago and we became friends at once. We live not far from our school and we are classmates.

He is … years old. We have known each other for 6 years already.

Igor has short, dark hair and brown eyes. I am rather tall but Igor is even taller than me and he is rather thin.

He is very trustworthy and reliable. If I ask Igor for something I am sure he will do it. He is helpful. I like Igor’s character. He is very serious, independent, self-reliable and hard-working. I respect him for his strong will, intellect. He is so sure of himself. That is what I also like about him. He is also very kind and sympathetic. My best friend is a good and honest person. Igor has good sense of humour. He always manages to be cheerful and energetic. He thinks everything will be all right.

As for the clothes he prefers, Igor likes jeans and T-shirts. Even though he is serious he doesn’t like formal, serious clothes. He has lots of cool T-shirts with funny and original prints. He makes some prints himself. Igor likes everything unusual and interesting. He is always open to new things.

Igor’s father is an architect. He works for a big company. His mother is an accountant in a firm. I know now why Igor is so careful with money? His mom is very pedantic and scrupulous.

Igor is a future computer programmer. I am sure he will make a good programmer. Our future professions are different (the same) and the subjects that we will study are different (the same) too. But after school I am sure we will see each other not less than 4 times a week.

Igor has a lot of hobbies. My friend is very active. He is fond of skateboarding. He also likes break dance. He is also fond of driving. His father teaches him to drive. After school he is planning to go to a driving school. Igor reads a lot, just swallows books one by one. He is into Russian classical literature and fantasy very much. He is also fond of different computer games. My friend knows a lot of interesting facts about music, famous people and history. It’s always very interesting to talk to Igor because he reads a lot, is always interested in the news and is glad to share new information.

He does not have much time because he goes to a gym and to computer classes. But when he has free time we usually spend it together. We watch videos or listen to music, go for a walk, go shopping, talk about lots of things (school, teachers, our interests, our hobbies, news, politics and girls, of course). We discuss books, films and television programmes. He is always willing to help and share his knowledge, thoughts and feelings with me.

We have very much in common so we quarrel very seldom. In other words, our friendship is wonderful and I am proud of such a perfect friend as Igor! I am sure we shall be friends forever.

Перевод некоторых слов:

by your side - рядом с тобой, to trust - доверять, a close friend - близкий друг, no matter what happens - что бы ни случилось, a true friend - настоящий друг, to support - поддерживать, sympathetic - сочувствующий, a telephone receiver - телефонная трубка, to respect - уважать, a decision - решение, “a friend in need is a friend indeed” - друг познается в беде, Sociable - общительный, an aсquaintance - знакомый (человек), a neighbour - сосед, a block of apartments - многоквартирный дом, a classmate - одноклассник, helpful - готовый помочь, serious - серьезный, independent - независимый, self-reliable - самостоятельный, hard-working - усердный, strong will - сильная воля, honest - честный, to manage - справляться, ense of humour - чувство юмора, to swallow - проглатывать, to quarrel - ссориться, to discuss - обсуждать, to spend - проводить.

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