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Популярные хобби и времяпрепровождения / Popular hobbies and pastimes

A "hobby" is defined as an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation. For many Russian people the main hobby is gardening especially in summer time. They spend all the weekends at their summer houses growing tomatoes, cucumbers etc. Some of them, who are not as lucky as those who have summer houses, manage to reach the same goal at the balcony.

A lot of men get obsessed with cars and bikes spending all their free time and spare cash customizing their “beloved ones”.

Pets and different exotic animals may also be considered as a hobby though a specific one.

Collecting postcards, stamps, coins, books or posters has always been regarded only as a hobby. But few people may know that those activities can be not only a hobby but a good business that will bring money.

The same story is true for fishing. If you prefer fishing, you can turn this into a good profitable business. You can sell angling gears and help amateur fellow fishers who have no idea on what gears are needed for angling. Gardening is also a hobby which you can easily turn into a business.

Actually anything that people do may become a hobby. Your hobby may not only define your character or taste but also your social status. For example, many wealthy people collect rare paintings, expensive cars, mansions, sculptures and other pieces of art.

In some cases people like to keep their hobbies at secret, because a hobby is something usually you'd like to do alone.

Перевод некоторых слов:

to define smth - определять что-либо, an activity - занятие, to pursue - заниматься, pleasure - удовольствие, relaxation - отдых, расслабление, an occupation - занятие, to manage - справляться, to reach the goal - достичь цели, to get obsessed with smth - быть под властью чего-то, to customize - "тюнинговать"

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