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The National Emblem of Northern Ireland / Государственная эмблема (Национальный символ) Северной Ирландии


The shamrock is the symbol of Northern Ireland. It is also connected to St. Patric, Patron Saint of Ireland.

Saint Patrick is most famous for bringing Christianity to Ireland. The legend tells how he used the shamrock, a kind of a white clover with three leaves to explain the Holy Trinity. Apparently, he used it to show how the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit could all exist as separate elements of the same entity.

The red hand is also a symbol of Nothern Ireland. The Red Hand is in its flag. According to the myth, there was time when the heir to the throne of Ireland was undecided. And they decided to hold a boat-race and the winner (the first who would reach the shore of Ulster) would be the king. One competitor so much desired the country that when he saw that he was loosing the race, he cut his hand, threw it to the shore and won. The hand is most likely red because it was covered with blood.


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