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The National Flag of the UK. The National Anthem of the UK / Национальный флаг и гимн Великобритании

The national flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the most obvious symbol of the United Kingdom. It is called the Union Jack.

"Jack" is an old word which means "sailor". It explaines the name of the flag. King James III (1566-1622) ordered the Union Flag to be flown on the main mast of all British ships, except for the ships of war. So the flag was flown at the front of the ships.

Union Jack is a mixture of several overlaid flags. It combines three flags representing England, Scotland and Ireland.

These flags are the crosses of the Patron Saint of England (St. George's Cross — red cross on a white ground), the flag of the Patron Saint of Scotland (St. Andrew's Cross — white diagonal cross on a blue ground) and the flag of the Patron Saint of Nothern Ireland (St. Patrick's Cross — red diagonal on a white ground).

St. David of Wales is not represented in the flag probably because Wales is a principality, not a kingdom.

The National Flag

The National Anthem of the UK

People all over the world know the first line of the national anthem of Great Britain which is called "God Save the Queen". It was adopted after the War with Napoleon.

	God save our gracious Queen
	Long Hue our noble Queen
	God save the Queen!
	Send her victorious
	Happy and glorious
	Long to reign over us
	God save the Queen!


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