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The National Emblems / Государственные эмблемы (Национальные символы)


  • the Union Jack — Юнион Джек (название национального флага Соединенного Королевства)
  • the Royal coat of arms — Королевский герб, шит герба
  • unicorn — единорог
  • the Order of the Garter — орден Подвязки (учрежден королем Эдуардом Ш в 1348 г.)
  • red rose — красная роза (эмблема Англии)
  • thistle ['GisI] — чертополох (эмблема Шотландии)
  • leek — лук-порей (эмблема Уэльса)
  • daffodil — нарцисс (вторая эмблема Уэльса)
  • shamrock — трилистник (эмблема Северной Ирландии)

There are many personifications of the UK. John Bull

John Bull is a national personification of Great Britain similar to the American "Uncle Sam". He is sometimes used to refer to the whole of the UK, but Scottish and Welsh people do not widely accept him and he is viewed there as English rather than British.

John Bull is an imaginary figure which is shown in cartoons and caricatures. His appearance is typical of a gentleman or a prosperous farmer of the 18th century.

John Bull is usually depicted as a stout man in a tailcoat with breeches and a Union Flag waistcoat. He also wears a low topper (sometimes called "a John Bull topper") on his head and is often accompanied by a bulldog. His appearance represents prosperity as plump faces at that time were the symbol of good health.

During the Wars with Napoleon John Bull began to symbolize freedom, loyalty to the king. An average man, so to say, who would fight for his country.

Nowadays many British people still view the figure of John Bull as that of honest, generous, outspoken man, ready to stand up for his beliefs.

As for real John Bull, such a man did exist and he was an organist and he is thought to be the composer of the melody to the National anthem "God Save the Queen" which was found amongst his papers when he died.

BritanniaThere is another symbol that may represent the country as a whole — the bulldog. Just like John Bull it symbolizes tenacity and force.

"Britannia" is an ancient name of Great Britain that the Romans gave to it. It is also the name given to female embodyment of Britain always shown wearing a helmet, sitting on a globe, holding a trident and leaning on a shield. She represents Britain as a victorious and maritime nation. The figure of Britannia has been on the reverse side of many British coins.


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