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Four Main Parts of London / Четыре основные части Лондона

London consists of four parts which differ from one another:

the City

Westminster area (or the City of Westminster)

the West End

the East End

The City of London known as "the City" and the City of Westminster are the most ancient parts of it. These parts seem to belong to different towns and epochs.

The City of London is the birthplace of London. It was a place of the original Roman settlement and later commercial and trading centre. Meanwhile. Westminster was outside London's walls and became England's administrative capital after its transfer from Winchester in the 11th century. When the first English Parliament was called here in the 13th century the Westminster area was a separate City of Westminster. So, London has no obvious centre, because it grew out of two formerly distinct cities.

Central London includes the West End. the City of Westminster and the City. This area is roughly bounded by the Underground Circle Line (the British call their underground "the tube).

They say, the City is "the money of London", the West End is "the goods of London", the East End is "the hands of London".

the sights of London


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