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The British Government / Правительство Великобритании

The British Government

The legislative branch is in the hands of the Queen and the Parliament (which is the House of Lords and the House of Commons).

The executive branch is represented by the Government — the Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister. Her Majesty’s Government governs in the name of the Queen.

The legislative and the executive branches are combined by the Queen. In fact, the Parliament is controlled by the executive branch, as all the bills pass to the Parliament by the decision of the majority party.

Judicial system is represented by courts. So there is practicallyno separation of powers. The majority party has the real power in the country.

At the end of the election the Queen appoints the Prime Minister (PM). Normally the leader of the party who wins the election becomes the PM.

The office of the Prime Minister was introduced in 1720’s. The first PM was Robert Walpole.

The PM chooses about 20 Members of Parliament from his or her party to become the Cabinet of Ministers (or simply the Cabinet), they are called the Secretaries of State. The Ministers are almost always the members of the Commons, also a few are Lords. Cabinet meetings are held in private while the Parliament is sitting.

The British Parliament is of great significance in the political life of the country. It consists of two Houses (or Chambers): the House of Lords and the House of Commons.


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