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The Peasants' Revolt in the 14th century. Britain in the Middle Ages / Англия в средние века

During the Middle Ages Englishmen suffered from numerous wars outside and within the country.

The 14th century was a century of social unrest, because in the 1330's England began a long struggle against the French throne. This war with France lasted for more than a hundred years but is known as the Hundred Years' War (it began in 1337 and came to an end in 1453). The French won and forced the English to leave France. The common people paid for that war. Everyone over the age of 15 had to pay a tax of one shilling. Naturally, the peasants did not want to pay the tax and the people of England were tired of the war with France.

Large groups gathered together and marched to London. Wat Tyler was at the head of these groups. The King lived in the Tower of London at that time. When the groups came to the walls of the Tower Wat Tyler went to speak to the King, but KingТs soldiers killed him.

The war that was within the country was called the War of the Roses. This war was because of dynastic crisis between two Houses (the Lancasters and the Yorks). This crisis led to the civil war (1455-1485) when they were struggling for the English Throne. Finally, the Tudors won and came to the throne.

In the 16th century the powerful Tudor Dynasty ruled Britain.

Henry VIII, a member of the dynasty, is known as a very cruel king who murdered many people. He was also the founder of Anglican Church.

Mary, Henry's daughter, was called Bloody Mary. She was also very cruel. It was Queen Mary, who ordered to burn hundreds of Protestants.

Another Henry's daughter Elizabeth I was the Queen of Britain for 45 years. Her reign was glorious. She is thought to be the most generous ruler.

In the 17th century Britain was under power of the other dynasty - the Stuarts. This time is remembered for the great disagreement between the Stuarts and Parliament, during which the Parliament won victory over the royal dynasty. After this the power of kings of Britain became limited.



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