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What is the doomsday Book? / Книга страшного суда

Domesday Book

As the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle says, in 1086 William the Conqueror sent his men into every shire to find out and register how much land and cattle every English inhabitant had.

That was actually the first registration. All the information that was collected was put into one book.

For the Anglo-Saxons this registration was the object of hatred. They were afraid of it very much. They said that nothing could be hidden from their king just as nothing could be hidden from the God on Doomsday. All the peasants were afraid of punishment on Doomsday if they did not tell the truth.

That is why the book got its name "the Doomsday book".

The Great Charter and how the English Parliament started. The Age of Chivalry

For about two centuries after the Norman Conquest foreign kings ruled over England.

The barons were forced to pay tribute. The King also took great sums of money for the wars in Europe. In 1215 the barons revolted. They wrote a document which was called Magna Carta or the Great Charter. King John had to sign it. In this document the rights of the Englishmen were written down and the power of the King became limited.

In 1265 a council of 25 barons was chosen to take control over the King. That was the beginning of the English Parliament. The word "parliament" is of French origin meaning "a meeting for discussion". Later in 1350 the Parliament was divided into two houses.

The 13th century is also known as the age of chivalry. Edward III and his son Black Prince were prominent figures then. They both became the symbols of chivalry and man-like behaviour. They showed the way a perfect knight should behave: to protect his honour, to help a lady and to serve the God.



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