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The Norman Conquest of England / Нормандское завоевание Англии

To make it clear we should remember: before the Normans, there were four different peoples who invaded England.They were:

  • the Celts (the 6th century BC)
  • the Romans (the 1st century AD)
  • the Anglo-Saxons (the 5th century)
  • the Vikings (the end of the 8th century)

The Norman Conquest was the fifth invasion. And it is so well-known because it was the last invasion of Britain.

In the 11th century the Normans came to England from Normandy. They were Norsemen who had already settled in the northern part of France. This means that the Normans adopted the French language, French manners, customs and way of life, because they lived among French people.

On October 14th, 1066, King William (Duke of Normandy) defeated the army of the English King Harold in the Battle of Hastings.

No matter how hard the people of England tried to defend their country, the Normans were still much stronger than the Anglo-Saxons.

The Normans made many poor English people their own serfs. Besides this they burnt their houses and killed them.

When William, Duke of Normandy, was crowned, he became the King of England. He settled in London and was called William the Conqueror.

For 500 years the Normans were masters of Britain.

A great number of important changes are connected with the Normans. They brought with them Latin and French civilizations, the laws and the organization of the land. Many Latin and French words penetrated into the Old English language. Commerce and trade grew very quickly, but the population grew even faster.

London became a busy, rich and crowded city. The Normans did their best to make it look beautiful.

At that time the Tower of London was built on the Thames and it stands there still unchanged.

Westminster Abbey was finished and William was the first King to be crowned there. Since then all English kings were crowned in Westminster Abbey.



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