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Danish Invaders in England. Vikings on the British Isles / Датчане захватывают Англию. Викинги на Британских островах

Since Ango-Saxons settled in Britain their way of life had changed greatly. The Danes, on the contrary, were still a pagan people with old gods. And Anglo-Saxons had already forgotten about these gods. viking

At the end of the 8th century the Danes did the same what the Anglo-Saxons did four centuries earlier. The Danes began to attack Britain, coming in 3 or 4 ships.

The main aim of their attacks was to plunder the British coasts as well as the central part of the country.

English kingdoms could not protect themselves because they did not have either a regular army or a fleet. No coastguards watched the coasts. That is why the Danish raids were successful and they came when nobody expected it.

The situation with roads in England was even worse. Moreover, there were deep forests and swamps all around.

If they needed to send a messenger to the king, first they needed to reach a settlement from where they could do it. It took several weeks.

The Danes returned many times. But after many battles, they finally took the crown from the English and became the masters for 24 years.

The area that the Danes conquered was called "Danelaw", and ransom (money) that the British paid to them was called "Danegeld".

During the 8th and the 9th centuries there were also Scandinavian invaders who wanted to conquer Britain. They were the Vikings. In 789 the Vikings began to attack the British Isles. They came from Norway, Sweden and Denmark and were called Norsemen.

They made York the capital of their kingdom. The Vikings brought their language, traditions, art and built towns in England. The English got rid of the Vikings only in the 10th century.



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