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Why do We Usually Confuse the Name of the UK? England or UK? / Англия или Великобритания? Как правильно называть

"The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" is the official name of the state that is geographically situated on the British Isles. Strange it may seem but even people of this country are sometimes confused about its name.

On official occasions they call it the United Kingdom and in everyday speech it's shortened to the UK.  In speaking or writing where it is not particular formal or informal they use Britain. The name Britain is usually used in press.

People of England sometimes with a certain portion of selfishness call it England. Official employees such as customs officers or economists use the term the UK. TV weather presenters call it the British Isles, but the Irish people are not quite comfortable with this name.

To avoid this confusion of the terms the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England we should bear in mind the following: Great Britain is the geographical name for the largest island in the British Isles which comprises England, Wales, and Scotland.

The island of Ireland is mainly occupied by the Irish Republic (or Eire) and the remaining part of Ireland island is occupied by Northern Ireland. Great Britain and Northern Ireland form the UK. The capital of the UK is London.


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